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Where the Village supports and empowers its learners.

Empowered Minds CC perpetuates ideas such as compassion and responsibility; inclusion and integrity. We believe that our actions make a difference in the community, and that collective action and cooperation greatly impact the world. Through educational opportunities, we incorporate understanding, creativity and self-awareness. Our participants develop a perspective of how to contribute their part to the greater good of their families, their community and society at large. We support their growth through teaching processes and how to manifest goals while instilling a strong sense of self, mindfulness, and teamwork.

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Our Vision

Working Towards a Better Tomorrow

We offer K-8 students a project based learning experience with focus on immersive play, teamwork and social responsibility. We believe children who are free to explore, ask questions, and follow their own interests are best equipped to navigate life’s challenges and later will be empowered to create solutions that benefit society. 

We believe that encouraging our young scholars to think, plan, use logic and critical thinking skills will create success systems with measurable outcomes. Additionally, it will not only improve the contributions they can make to future society but also build their confidence to do so now.  

We motivate our scholars to investigate the challenges of society and produce clear, well thought out solutions. Reinforcing social responsibility and environmental concepts cultivates respect for all human beings and their rights. It also magnifies our responsibilities as custodians of the planet. 

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“Everything that is done in the world is done by hope”

Martin Luther

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2325 E 3rd St Suite #306
Long Beach, CA 90814

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