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Parent Responsibilities

In A True Community Everyone Has A Role

Parents can choose private payments or 3rd party payments including purchase orders. EMC2 is an approved vendor for several charter schools including Blue Ridge Academy, Sky Mountain and Epic.

We work hard to make sure we deliver the best services to our families as we also build our community. Parents have a responsibility to maintain any necessary paperwork to keep their child in good standing with any other 3rd parties including those who may fund our programs on behalf of the families.

Parents have a responsibility to set good modeling standards for our community. From our behavior, they learn what to do. Positive attitudes, manners and respect go a long way and our children see everything! 

Parents should understand that homework is a necessary tool to help reinforce subject matter. It is the parents responsibility to see to it that their scholar(s) is striving to complete it in a timely fashion.

Happy Girl with Dad


Girl playing guitar outside


Image by Joshua Hanks


BE PROACTIVE ABOUT YOUR CHILD'S SUCCESS ! Use all tools available including but not limited to what will provide.

Sure this opportunity provides additional time for parents to engage in other things but remember you are the Homeschooling Parent. Join the class from time to time and take part in this important level of engagement.

Each month their will be ongoing activities and opportunities to be active in our community. Our village supports and empowers its learners. Help us reshape our communities of today to be powerful and effective for our children through good modeling.

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