Health & Safety Is A Primary Concern

We would be remiss if we did not address our stance on the “new normal”.

We have always taken a proactive position on addressing any challenges. We teach scholars not to run from challenges but to address them. COVID-19 is no different.

EMCC has a strict requirement for each family to have a "Sick-Day" plan that outlines the family's plan and procedure for if/when their scholar is sick and cannot attend our program. We adamantly enforce our health policy without exception. Touchless temperatures will be taken upon arrival. Anyone with a temperatures in excess of 100.3 degrees will be deemed sick and not permitted to enter the program until their health is restored and a healthy temperature has returned. Sickness can potentially impact everyone in the program and cannot be allowed.

We and others in our facility, have agreed upon safety measures that align with recommendations of local health authorities such as face coverings in hallways and other general public spaces, frequent handwashing, hand sanitizing stations, and sanitizing of common area surfaces to name a few.

We will make quality use of our access to scenic outdoor areas for periods of instruction as well as exercise.

To combat the spread of prevalent diseases and other communicable issues and the negative impacts of such we will continue to include regular discussions of how germs spread, how our immune system works, how to strengthen it, the importance of nutrient rich foods, clean water, proper hygiene, and quality sleep as well as other meaningful protocols and practices.

We believe that empowering scholars on how to protect themselves through education and action is a quality tool that will serve them well throughout their lives.