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Activities We Offer


Academic support for Science Language Arts & Mathematics

With this initiative, our goal is to promote academic independence through project-based learning. With access to the right resources, scholars can become empowered by their own abilities and gain the confidence to fulfill their potential. As your homeschooling partner, we dive into key academic concepts that get your child at par and/or ahead of the pack. Learn more about our work by getting in touch with our team today. 

Each scholar has an option to attend one, two or three times per week

Our Kinder and First Grade scholars experience an interactive routine that focuses on the building blocks in learning. A rest period and end-of-day snack ensures that we don't deliver fussy and hungry scholars to happy and excited parents at the end of an energetic day.

Our older scholars engage in a schedule where each day has its own academic discipline. Tuesday's focus is Science while Wednesday and Thursday are Language Arts and Math respectively. See each grade level for a sample schedule (found under "Our Focus" tab)



Self care and Self Mastery are significant fundamentals of healthy and successful scholars. To cultivate this useful craft we host morning breathwork sessions daily with scholars sometimes leading the activity. Breathwork offers many benefits including but not limited to regulation of emotion,  lowering of heart rate and blood pressure, time for reflection, stillness for focus and clarity, re-energize the body, promotes calmness and lowers stress levels.


Harambe is a unique experience that energizes scholars and gets them ready for the excitement of the day!

Harambe is similar to a pep rally and promotes many benefits such as literacy, positive social acknowledgement, public speaking, comradery, memorization, and  community to name a few. It includes call and response for spelling, acknowledgements, cheers and chants as well as offering opportunities for leadership roles. Harambe is a special part of each day.


Movement is also an essential part of each day. Movement is absolutely that! It may be a workout of cardio and exercise, Qidong (martial arts), hula hoops, or any other activity that involves action, enjoyment and oftentimes a little sweat. Get up and MOVE with us!


Each month there is a new theme through which we explore the disciplines of Science, Language Arts and Math. Themes encompass social emotional concepts like society and community, empowering ideas embracing culture and identity as well as renewable energies, money and commerce. 

These  themes combined with our projects for learning all come together in busy and exciting days of adventure and discovery.

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