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A Bit About Us

Turning Interest Into Action

Born of two homeschooling moms, Empowered Minds CC was the brainchild for filling in the gaps for homeschooling families.

Empowered Minds CC addresses:

  • pressing issues that discourage aspiring homeschooling families from staying the course.

  • demonstration of successful teaching styles and techniques

  • equipment and supplies in an engaged classroom setting  

  • staff is prepared to lighten the load in the main academic subjects.

  • Parents can then focus more on enjoying the bonding and reinforcement of family values in their children.

Successful Home-schooled children are commonly known for 

  • independence of thought

  •  clarity in expression  

  • sound and often in depth understanding of complex ideas.

  • imagination and creativity

  • well grounded in morals and family values

Many who choose to homeschool their children often meet with naysayers. Oddly, those same naysayers, despite their own frustration with common systems of education, recognize the indisputable successes of many home-schooled children. 

Another challenge of homeschooling can be a lack of organized and guided exposure to STEAM (science, technology,engineering, art and mathematics). At times parents are confronted with the idea that their children may not be challenged enough to compete with students from other educational systems. 

We offer a platform which highlights the best of both worlds.Our comfortable classroom environments minimize stress and focus on fundamental principles that fortify a sound academic foundation.

Successful homeschooling is  a team of dedicated adults who recognize the importance of quality education over collective superficial academic experiences. We take education seriously and work hard to help your family meet their educational goals.

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