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Daily schedules vary

Goal Setting/Manifesting/Yoga
Project Based Learning Activity
Lunch Station
Mid-day Break
Core Discussion
Community Coaching
Daily Reflection / Release


5th & 6th Scholars

Emphasis on YOU in the world

All to often young scholars think the benefactor of their learning is external. In other words, 'homework is for the Teacher's benefit', 'practicing good manners is for mom's delight.' As leaders we understand that doing our homework improves our own understanding of content and good manners lead to lasting and mutually beneficial relationships.  We strive to redirect the "benefactor of outcome" to the scholars' own self interest. By grooming each scholar to have the perspective that their learning supremely nurtures the possibilities in their own best outcome, self esteem, self-worth, and accountability. It also fosters appreciation for the effort that goes into their learning. All of these components assist learners with focus and determination. At this time in their journey, they are beginning to see the usefulness of their studies and with a positive support system, they quickly realize how important the art of learning can be all while they are having fun!  This is a formula for lifetime learners.

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